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sharon64   in reply to soulight   on

sl or soulight , (my page for single moms)

I am semi-retired would like to work 20 hrs. per week as receptionist/secretary in Norman, OK. I have 40 yrs. of Administrative Assistant, Customer Service, Receptionist, and data entry experience.

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I have a cousin in Orange, CA is totally disaBLED and depends entirely on welfare.  She needs a car, she is 68 yrs. old and her car is falling apart and is not worth repairing. She was hit by a drunk driver 45 yrs. ago and her settlement was $10,000 and it ruined her life she has been disabled & on welfare since. She is a survivor, was pregnant carried the baby child has since passed away, she has had cancer twice. 

Who could I contact or where can we get her some help. Her parents are deceased she has no immediate family. 

Please reply, thank you. God Bless.  Sharon Lewis

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